About us




About us

For over 10 years the legendary English footballclub Nottingham Forest comes over the Easter weekend with some youth teams to visit Veenendaal.

What started with some mutual matches with and small tournaments at DOVO and GVVV for our English guests, has suddenly become a great international youth tournament since this year.

Meanwhile a friendly relationship arose with our English guests. The tournament is therefore called the Friendshipcup.

It is for a good reason that our slogan is 'Football is about friendship!' We hope it will be a tournament with old and new friends.

The Friendshipcup has been named after Steve Billinghurst from Nottingham Forest because he has done his best nearly 20 years, to offer young players beautiful international experiences and perhaps friendships through football. We would like to put forward this thought with our tournament.

The arch-rivals but also very good red and blue neighbours DOVO and GVVV are working together, so that we have two beautiful football accommodations next to eachother at our disposal. We are very pleased with the support and help the Friendshipcup receives from both clubs. Without this support, we would not be able to organize this tournament. This also applies to the many volunteers and referees who are helping us.

We wish you all and especially the youth a beautiful, international, friendly and sportive football day.

Football is about friendship!

The organisation.

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