This wonderful tournament could not be organized for our youth, without the financial and material assistance from our sponsors. 

Our sponsors are worth gold. We are delighted with the assistance they offer, so that many young footballers can have nice international (football-) experiences and more. If you click on the following logos of our sponsors, you can see whether there are companies that maybe can do something for you. So we can help our sponsors again.

Our special thanks are for our main sponsor HatchTech. This nice company wanted to do something in return for the youth from Veenendaal, because Veenendaal is the city where they became a large international company. HatchTech guaranteed our finances from the beginning and for several years, so we were able to built this nice international youth tournament. 

About HatchTech

Feeling strongly connected with Veenendaal and the surrounding area, HatchTech is the main sponsor of the Steve Billinghurst Friendship Cup, an international football tournament organised jointly with English football club Nottingham Forest. The company believes that a focus on sports and health can contribute to positive developments in the region. 

HatchTech is an incubator manufacturer based in Veenendaal. The company’s main objective is to provide premium chick quality and to optimise this through continuous research. This objective is also the foundation of HatchTech’s corporate culture and business activities. Expert knowledge combined with innovative technological solutions enable the company to develop high-quality, user-friendly concepts for the poultry sector worldwide. As part of the Veenendaal ‘family’,  HatchTech has taken on the responsibility to contribute to the positive development of Veenendaal and the surrounding area – to give something back to the community that, 20 years ago, gave it the chance to become the successful company it is today. 

Talent development is important to HatchTech. “Like with hatching chicks, where external conditions are crucial to the animals’ development, we aim to help create the very best conditions for developing talent in the region. We believe that such investments cannot be made early enough, which is why we like to start with the youngest, by supporting their development in sports,” says Tjitze Meter, HatchTech’s founder and CEO.

HatchTech believes that sports and health contribute to people’s wellbeing, as well as stimulating great developments in a region. Every day, the company facilitates projects and activities around the world. Through this sponsorship, HatchTech is facilitating an international event in its own region. By bringing together teams from various countries in a beautiful location, the tournament stimulates development and fraternisation. 

Due to the tournament’s pool structure, the participating teams are challenged to give their very best in every match. This is precisely why HatchTech, besides the social responsibility aspect, can fully identify with the tournament. By raising the bar after every failure or win, you can make the best of every day, and continue to surprise both yourself and those close to you. 

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